Casey & Kristin Yorman

Caleb and Benaiah

Casey and Kristin first heard about Josiah Venture (JV) in 2002 when a group of high school students from their church in California went to the Czech Republic to teach at a JV English camp. The year following, Casey and Kristin were invited to become JV summer interns in Romania. This experience really awoke in them the desire to share the gospel with youth in Central and Eastern Europe. For 3 subsequent years, Casey and Kristin lead teams of college-aged students to Romania to do JV summer camps. After having children and a few years of a pause, the Lord ignited a desire in both of their hearts to return to Central Europe as full-time JV missionaries. In 2011, the Yorman family (this time including their sons, Caleb and Benaiah) moved to Czech so that Casey could fill the role of Speciality Team (S-team) Director as well as Director of both Camps and Edge Sports. In 2015, Casey decided to step down from his roles leading Camps and the S-team to solely focus on JV Edge Sports International. We are very thankful to be in this role as a family and having the opportunity to serve our JV brothers and sisters that are leading Edge Sports programs in their local contexts. Casey serves all of our JV countries in training coaches in discipleship and quality coaching, helping cast vision for JV countries that are struggling to get Edge Sports started, writing training material, recruiting more coaches to help, networking, fundraising, and casting vision for what is ahead.

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