Camps - Poland

Nothing is better than to see how students hear and accept the gospel and then observe how the local youth group leads them to grow in a relationship with Jesus which then do the same with their friends and close people. Using conversational English as the connection point, English Camps help unbelievers connect to the local church. Along with facilitating these camps, the Camps team also trains and develops young Polish leaders to serve as interns in these camps and in their local churches back home. Your donation will help to support our Polish interns, send Polish students to camp, and support national leaders.

Camp & Conference Center h2o

This facility is our base for evangelism and leadership training in a country of 38 million people that has less than 1% evangelical believers. Camps are the most fruitful form of outreach in Poland, and focused training can equip a new generation of leaders for the church.

Training Conferences - Poland

Fulfilling the Great Commission to “make disciples” doesn’t only happen in the sterile environment of a youth group meeting. Discipleship happens in the messiness of everyday life among important life decisions, wounded hearts, discouragement and depression, confusion, problems, pain and many other circumstances. For a teenager, life is like rock climbing. They need someone to belay them...to hold the line as they climb and encourage them, help them navigate difficulties, and sometimes catch them when they fall.

This year’s conference will equip over 170 youth leaders in basic Christian counseling so they can help struggling teens they are discipling and leading. They will be equipped by our JV Poland team, professional counselors who will talk about 6 epidemic problems young people face in Poland, and a special guest from the USA, RJ Koerper, former professor of youth ministry, private therapist, and current Vice President of curriculum and training for Global Action.

We are needing to raise $11,850 in order to provide scholarships for 145 youth leaders and to cover costs associated with conference materials, the worship band and guest speakers.

Fusion Music Outreach - Poland

We want to reach youth through rock/gospel choirs based in local churches. This ministry was pioneered in the Czech Republic and will be launched in Poland at the beginning of 2015.

Fala General Fund

In Poland, Josiah Venture’s national organization is called “Fala”, which means “wave” in Polish. With over 30 staff members and a camp facility called H2O, Fala inspires and equips hundreds of young Polish leaders each year to make disciples who make disciples.

Giving to the Fala General Fund allows us to quickly direct funds to those programs within Fala that are most needed.

JV General Fund

Giving a general gift to Josiah Venture allows us to quickly direct funds to those programs and projects that are most needed.