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How National School Prepared Me for College in My Passport Country In May of 2013, I walked out of a very familiar gray building—my Czech high school—for the last time as a student. The relief of completing my final cumulative exams sunk in, and then a twinge of sadness washed over me as I realized that it wouldn’t be long now before I moved away from the place I called... View Resource



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Online Ministry Tools and How to Use Them God wants us to follow him in the midst of this world-changing pandemic to bring more people to Christ. Together we can leverage the internet to make disciples. View Subsection Youth Ministry Ideas During Social Distancing Keeping your youth ministry alive and healthy while maintaining social distance requires much creativity. Here are practical ideas to inspire you. View Subsection Remote Evangelism Ideas When the world is shaking people are needy—and even more open to God’s message of hope. Learn how to share the good news with your friends through online resources. View Subsection Resources for Doing Church Online Churches in Central and Eastern Europe are innovating new ways to shepherd during this crisis. Here are tools to make his bride radiant, full of life, and able to give hope View Subsection Inspiring Stories of Adapting Ministry to Coronavirus God is advancing his kingdom in the midst of uncertainty. Read how God is working through local churches and young leaders in Central and Eastern Europe. View Subsection Try Our New Prayer Room App The Josiah Venture Prayer Room exists to deepen your connection with God and equip you to pray for his movement across Central and Eastern Europe. Click here to download... View Resource