Dušan & Lucie Geldner

Gabriel, David, Támar

Dušan and Lucie first met in a church in Prague in 2007, when both were working in business. Dušan was also involved in sports ministry with Athletes in Action. He served as a volleyball coach at their summer sports camps from 2002 to 2012. Their first contact with Josiah Venture (JV) happened in 2008 when Lucie was asked to step into the role of managing the JV Malenovice Training Center. She accepted the calling, left her job as a Marketing Manager, and moved from Prague to Malenovice. A couple of months later, she started dating Dušan, and they got married in 2009. They spent their first year of marriage living in the Malenovice Conference Center while Dušan was continued working for an IT and Finance Manager for a bank in Prague. In the summer of 2010, they moved back to Prague because of Dušan ‘s commitments towards his employer.

In 2013 Dušan was asked to develop IT systems for JV. After 13 years of working for the General Electric Bank, Dušan quit his job in Prague and joined the Josiah Venture International Team. He is serving all of the countries where JV serves by developing IT systems that help leaders to organize camps and other events, take care of their disciples, or build relationships with their ministry partners. Dušan and Lucie, together with their three children Gabriel (2011), David (2014), and Tamar (2016), live in Frydlant nad Ostravici, close to JV headquarters. In addition, they lead the Sunday School Ministry at their local church.


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