Dan & Laura Hash

Jacob & Becca

Dan and Laura have been serving with Josiah Venture (JV) in southern Poland since 1993, and have been involved with training and coaching young leaders in numerous churches and ministries throughout the country. After 30 years serving in Poland in many different capacities, Dan and Laura have shifted to a new role in the overall mission of Josiah Venture January 1, 2023. They are now Directors of Shepherd/Care and Marriage Coaching. Laura is still serving on the Fala (JV Poland) Board. Dan and Laura have been a part of planting two churches and are excited to be a part of the leadership of one of those churches since 2015. Their length of service in Poland enables them to play key roles throughout Josiah Venture. They live in Mikołów, Poland, and are blessed with a son, Jacob, and his wife Becca, and granddaughter, Clara, who also serve in Poland with JV.

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