Getting Aid into Ukraine and Getting Refugees Out

Josiah Venture is responding to the war in Ukraine in two ways: by supporting the work of our team and local churches on the ground inside Ukraine and by assisting Ukrainian refugees as they move into neighboring countries. We are coordinating with churches inside Ukraine to provide desperately needed shelter, food, evacuation, medical supplies, personal care, spiritual encouragement, Bibles, and the hope-filled message of the gospel during this war. As we bring refugees across the border, we are providing them with this care as well as arranging long-term stay and church community. Your donations today to our Ukraine Crisis Fund will directly support this effort.


The War is Horrific

  • Thousands of Ukrainian civilians are being killed, including hundreds of small children. Sexual violence against women is on the rise.
  • The war has made it incredibly difficult to get aid into hard-hit parts of Ukraine and get people who are in danger out.
  • Since the war began on February 24th, over 6.5 million Ukrainians have become internally displaced within the country, while more than 4 million refugees have fled the country. All are struggling with the severely limited job market, housing, and schooling opportunities long-term.
  • Urgent medical care, food, and safety are desperately needed for those in northern, southern, and eastern Ukraine.

We Are Taking Action

  • 466 tons of food and medical supplies have been purchased and transported to hard-hit parts of Ukraine by our brave network of drivers. They are also sharing the good news of Jesus and handing out our custom-designed Ukrainian bibles and studies.
  • 3,280 refugees have been able to evacuate Ukraine on 52 rented buses so far.
  • Many of the 752 churches in our network across Central and Eastern Europe are partnering with us to receive these refugees and provide them with safe long-term accommodations and community.
  • We have been using our 2 retreat centers as places for spiritual care and restoration for refugees in transition.

“God’s Word gives hope in the hardest days. We came to you with tears in our eyes, but we are departing with big sincere smiles. These smiles, good sleep, good food, the compassion of people, a calm in the soul, and faith that God will lead us to victory—this is what you have given us. You have helped people return to life. You have shown us a new day filled with new opportunities. With great thanks, the people living in room #302.” -Olena

Above Quote: Olena and her 8-year-old son hid for 3 weeks in a basement before miraculously escaping and taking our rented bus out to stay at our retreat center in the Czech Republic and receive care.

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