Help Ukraine

Josiah Venture brings the hope of the gospel in word and deed to Ukrainians affected by the ongoing war.

The physical and emotional trauma of the war has left many Ukrainians looking for hope.

Many towns and villages that once flourished now lie in ruins evident in collapsed buildings, shattered infrastructure and streets lined with debris. The grief runs deep as many are haunted by the echoes of explosions, the loss of loved ones, and the sheer weight of uncertainty about the future.

That is why our staff is working on the ground in Ukraine and in neighboring countries with a network of churches. This allows us to direct humanitarian and spiritual aid to the places of the greatest need.

Would you consider joining us in this bold initiative? Your donation to our "Help Ukraine Fund" will directly support this effort.

Humanitarian Aid

The Humanitarian Aid We Provide:

  • Food
  • Fuel
  • Heat Sources
  • Building Materials
  • Medicine

Spiritual Care & Resources

The Spiritual Care and Resources We Provide:

  • Personal care
  • Spiritual encouragement
  • Distribution of Ukrainian Bibles
  • Custom designed Ukrainian gospel studies
  • Trauma and healing retreats
  • Youth ministry projects

Help us provide aid, safety, and spiritual care for Ukrainians today!

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You can also donate from Canada and the United Kingdom

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