National Organizations

When a national ministry becomes mature, a non-profit organization is founded in the country to support and sustain the work. From that point on, all Josiah Venture ministry done in this country functions under the umbrella of the national organization, which is registered according to the laws and requirements of that region. It serves as a partner within Josiah Venture.

Partner organizations are accountable to the vision and values of JV and are required to operate effectively according to the JV standards of organizational effectiveness. As partners, they have access to the resources of the entire team, including staff, training materials, and financial systems. In addition, they covenant with the other organizations within Josiah Venture to mutual accountability and support.

National Organizations:

Jeti Plus – Albania
Vlore, Albania

Istinski Horizonti – Bulgaria
Банско, ул. Ангел Балев 10, Bulgaria

KAM – Czech Republic
142 E. Pajurka, Frydlant n.O 739 11, Czech Republic

Koma – Estonia
Kaunase pst. 9a, Tartu 50704, Estonia

Jauniešu Virzība – Latvia
Matisa 50B, Riga, LV-1009, Latvia

Fala – Poland
ul. Ochabska 133, 43-430 Kiczyce, Poland

Vital – Romania
Str. Independentei, nr. 61, bl.47. sc. A, ap. 13
Loc. Medgidia 905600, Jud. Constanta, Romania

Narodnog Fronta 80/511, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia

TCKompas – Slovakia
V. Spanyola 37, 010 01 Zilina, Slovakia

Društvo Več – Slovenia
Gozdna Pot 1a, 1261 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Epokha 2.2 – Ukraine
Mihnovshkyh 33b kb 32, Lviv 79018, Ukraine