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Komensky 2020 - Bringing Biblical Values to Schools “I was teaching for one year at a private school. I was with kids and felt it had a meaning. It wasn’t very well paid, but the job was something that helped me to see that there is work that I can enjoy and see some progress in.” That’s how Jan Rokosz describes his old job as a teacher in the Czech... Read more



Changing History Dear Friends, This brief command changed the course of history. I’m sure you know it—perhaps by heart. Yesterday, I quoted it with 50 members of our JV team... Read more Our Why Take it from someone who conducts a lot of interviews: asking the right questions is important. Some of the most significant questions we can ask in life start with the... Read more Learning Young Dear Friends, It’s not just what you learn, but when you learn it. When I was 16, a youth pastor named Doug taught me... Read more Bold Faith Support raising, moving, learning a new language, dealing with cultural differences, sharing the gospel, letting go of worldly things, investing in kingdom work. There... Read more Even At Home If you know us here at Josiah Venture, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ve heard the statistic that less than 1% of the young people in Central and Eastern Europe... Read more The "Faith Guy" Dear Friends, The church should have closed. With just two old ladies attending, there was not much hope for the future. The Baptist denominational leaders... Read more I Am Sending You It must have been exhilarating to be in that room. The air had to be charged with awe and anticipation. The disciples joyously hanging on every word. “As the Father has... Read more 11 Tribes: Integrating Faith and Work in Slovenia Wait!? I thought there were 12 tribes! Don’t panic. You have indeed read your Bible correctly all these years. God did bring all 12 of the tribes of Israel out of Egypt... Read more Bringing in the New Year How did you bring in the New Year? Just over 12 months ago, in the first hour of 2017, I joined a group of JV staff who took the first watch in the new online JV... Read more