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Edge Games What makes a boy a man? Teenage boys love action and adventure, which is often why they are missing in church. Sitting in the pew and listening quietly can be a bit too passive for young men. They gravitate toward competition and sports, preferring to build relationships in the context of activity. This is one... Read more



Summer Ministry Prayer Camps are right around the corner, which means that local churches are preparing to receive interns, mission teams, and young people into their doors for an exciting season... Read more No Other Gods Dear Friends, What releases God’s movement? King Josiah began seeking the God of his father David when he was just 16 years old. Noticing the temple in disarray, he started... Read more Pray for EDGE Games “They come for the football and stay for the community.” This quote was from Christian Cazacu—one of the coaches at Romania’s EDGE Sports international soccer... Read more Online Evangelists Dear Friends, Where do young people gather today? Jesus wasn’t content to just share the good news in synagogues and homes—he boldly proclaimed the gospel in the streets... Read more Making Marriage a Priority Life is hard on marriages, and strong marriages don’t just happen; they take hard work! This strain is pronounced even more when you’re serving as a missionary. This “calling”... Read more Faith That Persists Dear Friends, Why did it take seven marches around the walls of Jericho before they fell? When Juli was just five years old in the country of Albania, he used to stand in... Read more Two Years of His Faithfulness I am embarrassed to say that for the majority of my life, I have instinctively avoided hard things. I would challenge myself, but only in ways that I felt confident that I... Read more Producing or Reproducing Sometimes, a small change makes a big difference. I spent all of last week with a fantastic group of 43 new Josiah Venture missionaries. I wish you could meet them all... Read more Pray Like Monks Josiah Venture has been praying for a movement of God across Central and Eastern Europe for thirty years. We’ve prayed alone, with our families, in small groups, at churches... Read more