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Persevering Faith Dear Friends, There are plenty of reasons to say “no.” Runaway inflation is taking the world by storm, after an unprecedented global pandemic, while we watch a brutal war unfold in Ukraine. In these conditions, most people would batten the hatches and minimize their risks. Forty-one college students... Read more



Stepping Out in Faith Do you remember a time in your life when God led you down an unexpected path? Maybe you already had in mind exactly the way you thought he’d take you, and then, all of a... Read more Music that Heals Dear Friends, How do you process the trauma of war? When young people have to flee from devastated towns and cities, relocate to new countries, and deal with the loss... Read more Refugees Serving Refugees Dear Friends, Ben and Kristy are members of our team, but they are also refugees. In the first days of the war against Ukraine, they crossed the border into Poland after... Read more A Guest in the House is God in the House I have had the privilege of experiencing Polish people and culture since 1995. In general, Poles are warm, direct, and hospitable. A very well-known Polish saying goes: A... Read more At War Dear Friends, As I write this, the nation of Ukraine is at war, with young people being sent to exposed battle lines to defend their country, and refugees flooding the surrounding... Read more Our Response to the Ukraine Crisis Since before 2007, Josiah Venture has been involved in a disciple-making movement in Ukraine where we serve and partner with over 100 churches. This nation is no stranger... Read more Equipping Staff to Thrive in Ministry Snow fell on the hills last month as a group of staff gathered once again at our conference center in the Czech Republic. It was so good to be back together! Every January... Read more Looming Threats Dear Friends, How should we respond when surrounded by blinking red lights? As I write this, the news channels of the world are flooded with reports of Russian troops amassing... Read more Anything and Everything At the end of Paul’s letter to the Christians in Philippi, he says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving... Read more