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Stories You are never too old for stories. God must understand how important good stories are to us—since much of the truth of the Bible comes to us in narrative form. Stories help us understand the nature of God and give us insight into the character of man. Stories inspire us, encourage us, instruct us, and warn... Read more



Waiting with Hope Growing up in southern California, I found the weather usually did not match the Christmas season very well. 65-degree Fahrenheit temperatures and sunny skies did not exactly... Read more Plan A Dear Friends, As I write this, Europe is heading into a fourth wave of coronavirus infections. Many countries are seeing an even higher caseload than last spring. Governments... Read more Invited to the Heart of Christ Although fall is a beautiful season in Bulgaria, I often find myself weary. As the temperatures drop and the sky gets gloomier, my thoughts seem to scatter and rustle like... Read more ForMission Dear Friends, A short bus ride brought the answer to a big prayer. About 10 years ago, I began praying for a God-sized solution to a particular challenge we were facing... Read more Membership Has Its Privileges As a little girl, my siblings and I created all sorts of clubs. They were very exclusive. Mind you, all club meetings were held in the toolshed in our back yard, and membership... Read more Recharge Dear Friends, What happens to energy and vision in the face of constant change? We all know that shepherding people in challenging times takes extra strength. Somewhere... Read more The History of Light “Let there be light.” These four words rolled across the expanse that would burst into a universe of brilliant light and begin all space and time. It is impossible... Read more Strong Families Dear Friends, What keeps a missionary fruitful and faithful for the long haul? Obviously, a deep walk with God and personal integrity are at the top of... Read more Beyond Hope What do you do when you lose the thing you've been putting your hope in? For so many of us, the events of this past year and a half have forced us to answer that question... Read more