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Josiah Venture Stories Podcast This podcast is all about sharing life-changing stories from on-the-ground missionaries, and the local people they work with, to inspire and fuel the movement of God in Central... View Resource Try Our SEEK App Meeting with a young person to read the Bible for the first time is an exciting journey. Usually, these meetings would be in-person in a comfortable setting. With social distancing... View Resource Try Our "Share" Bible Study and App Share is designed to lead you to become fishers of men through reaching others with the good news of Jesus. You can download the Share Bible Study or request to receive... View Resource Ideas for Summer Ministry with Ukrainians 1. Carnival Day This is a one-day event you can host in cooperation with a church and city hall, a local school, or a refugee center, to meet the Ukrainian community in your... View Resource Try Our Prayer Room App The Josiah Venture Prayer Room exists to deepen your connection with God and equip you to pray for his movement across Central and Eastern Europe. Download our free mobile... View Resource Online Bible Study Tips with Video Conference Options In the country of Slovenia, college students got together after their schools were closed and started an online Bible study. The group started inviting their friends and grew... View Resource Download a Powerful Tool for Evangelism: The “Look” Study A Short Four-Part Study on the Four Spiritual Principles of the Gospel: Do you know someone interested in talking more about the Bible, but not sure about making a commitment... View Resource Keeping a Youth Group Going During COVID-19 DU & Bogdan Anton are from the country of Romania, where they live and work in the capital city of Bucharest. In spite of the fact that they cannot meet in person, they have... View Resource Devotional Workouts Against Fear When switching to an online-only platform you’ll find a lot of your time is spent sitting down. This has an impact on your health and well-being in the long run so it’s... View Resource You Can’t Quarantine the Gospel A Resource Provided by Dare 2 Share Ministries Dare 2 Share Ministries hopes and prays that this list of resources will bless you, and those you serve and minister to, during... View Resource Lead and Grow Your Church Online Across central and eastern Europe churches are restricted from gathering together due to quarantine and social distancing measures. This has created a need to shift regular... View Resource Dealing with Stress and Worry A Resource from Our Missionary Team in Ukraine: Attached is a presentation that our team in Lviv, Ukraine is using for helping students in youth groups approach stress and... View Resource Set Up Daily Challenges for Your Youth Group Here are some ways to set up challenges for your youth group to engage them in ministry at a distance. One of our missionaries in Slovenia, Gwynne Gardner,... View Resource