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Not Chained Dear Friends, How do you respond when circumstances force you into jail? As I write this, the spread of coronavirus is accelerating to record levels across Europe. Restrictions and lockdowns are returning, often with stricter limitations. Every church and ministry is affected. When Paul sent news of his... Read more



Pray for Rain I am in the middle of a Bible read-through this year and just finished the book of Zechariah. As I was reading through it, this first verse in chapter 10 caught my attention:"Ask... Read more Unknown Paths Dear Friends, A tiny virus is closing many doors. For over 25 years, the Josiah Venture team has gathered each September for a week of training, inspiration... Read more Why September Is Not My Favorite Month My stomach flip-flopped as I read the email: “‘Back to School’ parent meeting Thursday evening at 17:00.” Oh joy. It’s that time of year again where my pride... Read more Good Medicine Dear Friends, “I’ve just stopped counting on anything.” My friend is normally quite optimistic, so his comment caught me by surprise. We were working on ministry... Read more The Call I was holding that piece of paper in my hand. Sitting on the edge of my bed felt like sitting on the edge of a giant rock on top of a high mountain. It was frightening to... Read more Walking Prayer Dear Friends, Quarantines, social distancing, masks, lockdowns. All of these actions slow down the spread of a deadly virus, but they also create barriers for ministry... Read more This Changes Everything “No way. How come no one ever told me about this before? This changes everything!” Štěpán is one of those young leaders with an infectious joy. When God is doing something... Read more The Fighter, the Learner, and the Young Sage I remember the day I met Alex and Lina. It was the first day of English lessons at camp in 2018, and I was teaching the advanced level. After introductions and, since we were... Read more A Summer Like No Other Dear Friends, “Houston, we have a problem.” Remember those famous words from Apollo 13? As the crew was hurtling through space toward a landing on the moon, a routine... Read more