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More Than a Name What is the name again? Josiah's adventure? Josiah Venture? Who is Josiah? What is a venture? Have you ever tried to explain the name of Josiah Venture to your friends, churches or a stranger you just met? I am sure I am not the only one who has received several questions about our name. As a new teammate to... Read more



The Wise Carpenter Dear Friends,I wonder who taught Jesus how to be a carpenter. Think about it for a moment. Although he was the all-powerful, all-knowing God, Jesus became fully man... Read more One Year of War For 365 days, Ukraine has been on the center stage of history. This has been a year of unprecedented hardship for our Josiah Venture Ukraine team serving God in the midst... Read more In His Steps Dear Friends,It takes perseverance to reach the lost. Before Covid, there were over 50 young people attending the Fusion choir at the Matthews church in Riga, Latvia. Then... Read more How Should Prayer Look? Here it is, the year two thousand twenty-three, and things have changed radically in my lifetime. I will turn sixty this year, which means I have seen the hand of the Lord... Read more Puzzle Pieces Dear Friends, You begin to understand the pieces of the puzzle when God puts them together. Three years ago, Oleksii and Yuliia moved from Ukraine to Slovenia to start a... Read more The Real Deal As I sit at my desk tonight to write this blog post, there are sounds of carols coming from outside our apartment building here in Bucharest, Romania. Christmas is coming!... Read more Simplicity Dear Friends, What was your most memorable Christmas? I was born in the Philippines to missionary parents, but because of my dad’s leadership role in the mission headquarters... Read more Little Experiments In 2020, as our Josiah Venture missionary team was quickly evolving and adapting to keep up with the wreaking havoc of COVID, our leadership team decided to try a unique... Read more Zeal Dear Friends, What do you want more of? Ben, our Ukraine country leader, recently passed on an unusual prayer request. His family spends part of almost every day in bomb... Read more