Dave & Connie Patty

Tyler & Lara, Caleb & Haley, Claire

Dave and Connie Patty moved to the Czech Republic in November 1993 to begin the work of Josiah Venture. They have been ministering to young people and youth leaders for over 35 years, having previously served as director of Malachi Ministries in Germany. God captured their hearts for the youth of Eastern Europe on a mission’s trip shortly after the revolution in the summer of 1990. Dave leads the Josiah Venture team, invests in the country leaders of JV, and teaches God’s Word across the region. Connie invests in the Josiah Venture women and has a special heart for prayer, administrating the online JV Prayer Room.

Dave and Connie live near Malenovice where the JV training center is located. They have three children: Tyler and his wife Lara are parents of Judah and Asher. They live in Ostrava, Czech Republic serving with Josiah Venture. Caleb, a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, is married to Haley and are parents to Charlie and Jenna; they serve with Josiah Venture in Albania. Claire is also a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, and lives in the Czech Republic, serving with Josiah Venture as the JV Kid's Specialist.

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