Zuza Szymik

Zuza grew up in a religious family, but it wasn't until she was 18 years old and attended an English camp that she encountered a living church for the first time. Since then, she has been involved in different outreach projects organized by Fala (Josiah Venture’s partner organization in Poland), including leading mission teams on trips to Ukraine.

Zuza recently received a degree in Applied Marketing Management which, combined with her experience in leading communications in a big corporation, makes her a great fit to support Fala's Operation team. She is using her experience and skills to apply different techniques gained from a business setting to help support the ministry of Josiah Venture in Poland.

She has a heart for young believers and wants to help them embrace the full potential of the vision God has for their lives. She also wants to help them break away from religious rituals and start living the life of freedom that they can have in Jesus. Her desire is to help raise up new Josiahs who will be the leaders not of the future but leaders of today, and who will create and lead ministries that God gave them a passion for.

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