Elliott & Gabi Phillips

Elliott and Gabi have a long history with Josiah Venture (JV) and Poland. Elliott got his first taste of JV as a high school graduate while serving at a JV English Camp in 2012. Gabi attended her first JV English Camp as a Polish student that same summer and came to Christ two years later at the same camp. God used JV internships to radically reshape Elliott’s desires and direction in life toward this movement among the youth of Poland. Gabi served faithfully for years as a volunteer for JV Poland’s El Dorado ministry, as well as in her local church. God brought them together in 2020, and now, as of 2021, Elliott and Gabi serve together as a family on mission.

Elliott works with EXIT Tour by overseeing bands and volunteers, developing promotional and media tools, and managing the project’s technical resources. Gabi is a part of JV Poland’s Operations and Communications teams, serving with her gift of photography, as well as developing and implementing management tools that free JV missionaries in Poland to focus on their calling. As a family, their dream is to see local Polish churches filled with creative young people, who develop their passions and talents to carry God's hope and love to the people around them.

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