Viktor & Miriam Valentini

Viktor was born in a Christian home where serving in the church was as normal as any other part of life. Early on, he saw his father serving not just as a pastor but also as someone who had a passion for serving young people. Naturally, this led Viktor to start serving at youth camps himself. After finishing high school, he went on to study theology where his passion for preaching and teaching God’s word grew even more. When he was deciding if he should go and get his Master’s degree in Theology, he moved from Serbia to Slovakia. This is where he had the chance to be reintroduced to TCK (Josiah Venture’s partner organization in Slovakia) that he knew as a child because his dad worked with JV (TCK) many years before moving to Serbia. Once returning to Slovakia and getting reacquainted with TCK, he met his wife through TCK Fusion where Miriam was serving. After moving to Slovakia, he had the chance to get to know more people in TCK and also serve in ŠPM where he taught Systematic Theology. At the end of 2018, Viktor and Miriam moved to a small town in central Slovakia with a team of 16 young people to start a new church, not knowing this was God’s plan for something more in the future. In 2021, after 6 years of working in the IT sector, Viktor joined TCK as part of their regional ministry and ŠPM. Viktor and Miriam are currently part of KostolNaHrane (a Baptist union church plant) in Revúca and Viktor will be working on developing a regional outreach ministry in a region of Slovakia where TCK has not yet had a chance to serve.

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