A place to serve the cause of Christ over a 13-country region.
A place to serve the cause of Christ over a 13-country region.

Malenovice Event Center Project

Thousands of young people in Central and Eastern Europe are putting their faith in Jesus Christ and following God with bold faith and selfless commitment. They could change the spiritual trajectory of an entire region. To reach their full potential they need to be trained, encouraged, and connected to the church and Christian community in ongoing ways. However, our Josiah Venture regional training center at Malenovice, in the Czech Republic, is being pushed far beyond its limits. 

Our largest meeting room only holds 150 people. Over 450 are already interested in attending our fall training conference –and we will need to turn many of them away. This is just one of many events during the year where a finished training facility would allow us to impact three or four times the number of leaders we can currently manage.

This is about more than just a facility. Malenovice serves as the home to a swelling movement, the place where young leaders are equipped to impact 13 different countries in the region. Without this training center, the entire movement is constricted and many opportunities are lost.

Plans are ready for the construction of a 600 person event center that will allow the movement of God among this region to continue to take place. This will also allow us to shepherd and care for young leaders who are currently impacting over 400 churches and expand that impact to include many others. 

Would you join us in giving this resource to young leaders across Central and Eastern Europe? The Josiah Venture team and the board see this as a priority at the very highest level. We believe eternity will be different because of your faithfulness.

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