Juljan & Suela Muhameti

Amelia, Ema

Juljan was 14 years old when he became a Christian In Albania. Since his family was culturally Muslim, Juljan first found a copy of the Koran and read it cover to cover. The god described there seemed cruel and impossible to please. If this was God, he reasoned, it was hopeless to follow him.

A friend heard about his search and challenged him to read the Bible, both Old and New Testaments at the same time. In typical teenage fashion, it turned into a race. Juljan loved a good competition and pulled ahead of his friend, but didn’t realize that this was actually a rescue mission. Somewhere in the middle of Exodus and John, God opened his eyes. Juljan put his faith in Christ and received the gift of eternal life.

Juljan is married to Suela and has two daughters (Amelia, 9 and Ema, 6). Together, he and his wife studied at Glo Bible College in Scotland. Once they returned to Albania, they served in church planting and started a new youth ministry in Vlore. They began to dream of healthy disciplemaking youth ministries all across Albania, and were burdened for the millions of young people in their country who do not yet know Christ. With JV, they see the perfect opportunity for expanding youth ministry in Vlore and Albania.

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