Malenovice Event Center Project

A Movement of God

Central and Eastern Europe is one of the most spiritually needy regions of the world, with a small evangelical church and nations still marked by years of totalitarian oppression.

Yet thousands of young people are putting their faith in Jesus Christ and following God with bold faith and sel ess commitment. They are changing the spiritual trajectory of an entire region.

After years of faithful sowing, the Josiah Venture team is seeing unprecedented response in the 14 countries where we are serving. In many cases, 20% of the young people who hear the gospel clearly proclaimed are putting their faith in Christ.

Churches are being transformed, new fellowships are being planted.

These are gifted young leaders, full of faith, commitment, and passion for Jesus. With bold, new innovative efforts, they are reaching and discipling their generation for Christ.

We are seeing the beginnings of a movement of God, one that finds its home in the local church and transforms society.

movement of god

The Pathways

To release the amazing potential in this new generation, the Josiah Venture team is currently helping over 400 local churches in 14 countries reach and disciple young people.

local church

We do this by training and equipping over 6,000 young leaders every year to make disciples like Jesus did.

In addition, we equip local churches to reach the lost through five powerful highways:

The Josiah Venture team shares the gospel face-to-face with almost 30,000 young people each year and we are seeing thousands put their faith in Christ and be discipled into local churches.

Currently over 320 staff serve full-time with Josiah Venture. Over half of these are nationals, many of whom trusted Christ or were discipled through Josiah Venture ministries.

The Problem

To reach their full potential this new generation of leaders needs to be trained, encouraged, and connected in ongoing ways. However, our Josiah Venture regional training center at Malenovice in the Czech Republic is being pushed far beyond its limits.

Our largest meeting room holds just 150 people. Over 400 are already interested in attending various events — and we have to turn many of them away. Increased capacity would allow us to impact 3-4 times the number of leaders we can currently manage.

In the short term, we purchased a tent that will hold 300, but this is just a temporary solution. It can only be used when weather conditions are optimal. The sound is causing problems with the neighbors. In addition, even this space is already full.

This is about more than just a facility. Malenovice serves as the home to a swelling movement, the place where young leaders are equipped to impact a 14 nation region. Without this center the entire movement is constricted and many opportunities are lost.

The Plan

After over four years of planning and preparation, approval has been granted to build an event center on our 17-acre property in the Czech Republic.

  • Mountain style construction with generous use of wood and stone
  • Main hall – seating for 500-600
  • Three additional conference rooms for 150, 100, and 40
  • Housing – 10 hotel rooms with a total of 40 beds
  • Dining – 500 on two separate floors
  • A coffee shop, small store, and various places for fellowship and conversation

Including our existing hotel, cabins, and lodge, this will bring our total bed capacity to 200. The overflow can be housed in neighboring facilities.

Total Cost: 5.5 million dollars

Will you consider a generous gift to help make this vision a reality?

Questions and Answers

Should you just rent other facilities?

We do. During the summer, we rent an average of 50 other facilities for our outreach camps. Malenovice is unique in that it is
 the training and equipping center for the hundreds of staff and leaders who serve across the region. Its impact is uniquely leveraged because of the broad influence of those who are trained there.

What about going to a different place for these big events?

Because of efficient management and our no-debt policy, we are able to offer events at Malenovice for one-half to one-quarter of what we could get at another facility. Once a group grows beyond 150-200, the less expensive locations do not have the meeting room or dining space needed. The only locations that do are convention centers where the cheapest prices are two and a half times what we charge. The average is four to five times our rate. If we subsidized our events to keep them at the same price and used another facility, the extra we would need to raise would pay for the event center within 11 years.

Will you need on-going giving to manage it?

We have 18 years of experience in managing a conference and training center. We have not gone into the red at any time. The income from the facility will cover the expenses of running it.

Why don’t you just take out a loan?

We have a no-debt policy within JV. We build as the Lord provides the resources, and don’t presume on the future, but wait on His provision. Income from the operation of the center does not need to service debt, which keeps the facility serving the ministry, rather than the ministry serving it.

What is the big rush — why now?

Actually, we needed this Event Center finished two years ago! We have already outgrown our existing capacity and the need is urgent. In addition, the dollar is much stronger at the current time. If we were doing this project two years ago it would have been at least 25% more expensive and the rates could soon go the other direction again. Everything is optimal right now — this is the time to press ahead.

Construction Budget

Foundation, Frame Structure, Drywall, Flooring, Roofing $3,150,000
Plumbing, Electrical, Security System, Fixtures, Furnishings $598,000
Elevators, Kitchen Equipment $296,000
Equipment - Stage Lighting, Sound System, Video $582,000
HVAC $354,000
Landscaping, Site Work, Parking lot $418,000
Architects, Engineers, and Fees $125,000
Total Expenses $5,523,000


The Josiah Venture training facility in Malenovice began with the purchase of an old 40 bed communist hotel in 1998. In 2000, the hotel was completely renovated and enlarged, reaching a capacity of 100 beds.

During the years that followed, additional land was purchased, sports fields were added, and three large cabins, a lodge, and a dining facility built. This brought the overall capacity to 160 beds, including three meeting rooms and two dining rooms.

The current facility is full year round, with over 20,000 overnights, and serves the church in a broad region.

Located in the mountains of Czech near the place where three countries meet, it is within a 90-minute drive of 5.5 million people. As a regional training center, the location is unmatched. Because of major highways and train routes, it can be reached from six major European capitals within five and a half hours.

Our vision — A movement of God among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe that finds its home in the local church and transforms society. At Malenovice leaders are trained to make this vision a reality.

Will you join us in this vision?

Right now is an unprecedented time of harvest in Central and Eastern Europe. Your partnership in this project will impact the future of this region — and bear fruit for eternity.

Three ways to give:

1. A one-time donation
2. A pledge to be given within a year
3. Monthly donations for the next 24 months

All gifts are fully tax deductible. 100% of your donation will go directly to the event center project.

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