Krzysiek & Kasia Jastrzebski

Krzysiek is a young, energetic man who gave his life to Christ as a 14 year old. When he was 13 years old, he attended a youth conference called the El Dorado Projekt. Over the following years of attending, he discovered his love of working with youth and began volunteering as the MC. It became clear that God was preparing him to work with teens and placed very strategic people in his life who inspired him to serve God wholeheartedly. A few years later, he joined the El Dorado staff and in 2015 began serving full-time with Fala, Josiah Venture’s national organization in Poland. Today he is the co-organizer of the events. This current job is a challenge for him, however, he is sure of God’s promise to equip him for this calling. Other than working for Fala as an event leader for public schools at H2O and for the El Dorado Projekt, Krzysiek is also one of the youth leaders at his local church. Thanks to Fala, he can fulfill his dreams while working with kids and teenagers.

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