Ioani Dhima

The faith of Ioani, commonly known as Xhoni has evolved gradually, starting from his early years. He began attending children's meetings, later advancing to youth ministry and personal Bible study. He became a Christian at a JV summer camp in 2018. From that time, he has been growing spiritually, been discipled, and fell in love with the idea of investing his life into the lives of young people, just like was invested into.

Over the course of approximately five years, he has been actively engaged in local church services, predominantly working with a youthful demographic ranging from 10 to 14 years of age. He is wholeheartedly committed to this endeavor, viewing it as a pivotal period where the foundations for their future lives are laid. It is of utmost importance to approach this task with care and diligence.

Looking forward, his dream is to further enrich the spiritual development of the younger generation, guiding them in the cultivation of their faith and being a model in Christlikeness. He wants to empower and inspire them to become responsible, compassionate individuals who follow Christ and contribute to a needy Albanian society.

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