Yoan & Nadia Tsonchev

Leah and Radost

Yoan and Nadia met for the first time at Sunday School. Yoan is a Pastor's child and is a 3rd generation Christian. At 18, he received his calling from God to minister to young people and dedicate himself to youth ministry. Nadia's family came to know God as Savior during the great revival of the 90ties. At 20, he married Nadia, continuing their ministry in the youth group as a family.

As a music-loving person, she dreamed of serving unbelievers with the music the Lord gives us and believed that one day they would be able to serve that way! They prayed that God would open the door to serve Him full time.

A few years ago, they attended the JV fall conference in the Czech Republic, where Yoan heard about Fusion and how this ministry is changing the lives of young people in Europe. That’s when Yoan decided “I want this in Bulgaria!”.

For three years now Yoan and Nadia have been serving and have been responsible for Fusion Sofia as volunteers, and they work and sustain their family with their business. Recently, they were asked to become full-time members of Istinski Horizonti’s team (JV’s partner organization in Bulgaria) and assume the national coordination of Fusion for Bulgaria. In addition, they are youth pastors and are heavily involved at Elim Sofia Church, leaders of the youth national ministry of their denomination, God's Church, in Bulgaria.

They have been married for almost 10 very exciting years and have two wonderful daughters - Leah (7) and Radost (2).

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