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We want you to be prepared to go well! In addition to the systems training received from your HR representative and the Support Raising Solutions Boot Camp, there are three other major areas of training we will provide for you. Online video training, orientation, and cross-cultural training.

Online Video Training

    We have prepared videos that will help prepare you for service in your country and equip you to tell the JV story and have a better understanding of how we, as a missionary team, are part of the local and global church. You can find these videos here, the password is “JVtraining”.

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    Sometime after your application is approved and accepted, you will attend an in-person orientation training in our Wheaton office. The orientation is typically a three-day event and will take place in one or more of three possible time slots, February, June, or October. The timing depends on the number of missionaries in training at a given time. The orientation gives the opportunity for additional systems training, group discussion of JV’s ministry strategy, personal coaching, and the ability to meet legal requirements. Best of all, we get to spend time together with you and your fellow new missionaries that are on the same road you are. You will find it to be an encouraging time.

    The JV Staff Handbook will give you a big picture of some of the training that will take place at Orientation. You will be required to sign a document stating you have read and agree to the policies in the handbook.

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    Cross-Cultural & Language Training

    Before your departure to your country of service, you will take part in both language and cross-cultural training. Currently, JV approves of the programs at either Missionary Training International in Colorado or the Center for Intercultural Training in North Carolina. This cost has been included in your budget and your JV HR Rep will coordinate with you on when you should register for the course. Please don’t register beforehand. The training takes place on location over a several week period and we generally desire that you attend as close to your departure date as possible and no more than six months before your anticipated departure date.

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    Required - 4 Chair Discipling Within Josiah Venture, we describe the disciple-making pathway as the Five Challenges of Christ. Even though we use a bit different language, this book is a great study on the disciple-making strategy of Josiah Venture.  

    Recommended - Indistractable Your new life can be largely unstructured and require a lot of self-leadership to achieve your goals. This book helps!

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