Center for Missionaries in Training

Welcome to your corner of the JV Hub!

Going through the process of becoming a JV missionary can be a bit overwhelming. Not only are you dramatically shifting gears in life, but there are so many details and steps along the way! This corner of the JV Hub will layout and explain those steps that are needed to move from application to departure. We are here to help you through it, contact your HR Representative with any questions that are not answered here.

Getting Started

Email addresses, website bio, and more...a myriad of steps to getting started. We will guide you through them, don’t despair!

Building Your Team

What is MPD? Ministry Partner Development...building a team of committed financial and prayer partners. The support raising bootcamp is the beginning, these steps are part of the journey.


We want you to be prepared to go well! In addition to the systems training received from your HR representative and the Support Raising Solutions Boot Camp, there are three other major areas of training we will provide for you. Online video training, orientation and cross cultural training.

Preparing to Go

Some final details as you near your date of departure.


All aboard! Your JV HR Rep has confirmed that you have raised 100% of your support and are ready to depart. Since you have already worked through your “piles” of what to take, sell, or give away, you have a good idea of what you need to ask as it relates to shipping or potentially just checking extra luggage.