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All aboard! Your JV HR Rep has confirmed that you have raised 100% of your support and are ready to depart. Since you have already worked through your “piles” of what to take, sell, or give away, you have a good idea of what you need to ask as it relates to shipping or potentially just checking extra luggage.

Shipping Quotes

Here are two suggestions for shipping companies that the JV family has used over the years.


    Dan Gregg Operations (Import/Export) 

    Highland, MI  (Detroit area)

    Phone: (810) 229.9645

    Worldwide Logistic Partners, Inc.

    Air & Ocean Manger

    1540 Carlemont Drive, Ste J

    Crystal Lake, IL 60014

    Phone: (815) 788.1683 x112

    Fax: (815) 479.9689

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    Visa Documents

    Now the real fun begins...every country has different Visa requirements and they can change frequently. That is why planning ahead and being flexible is key. Be sure to talk to your uplink and your in-country HR rep to determine what paperwork needs to be done before you depart. The two most common documents that come from JV are Proof of Insurance and an Attestation of Employment. Both of these documents will be drafted by your JV HR Rep in the states.

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    Flight Schedules

    Of course, you are excited...but we are MORE concerned about your care than your excitement to depart ASAP. What that means is that your departure date is a three-way conversation between you, your JV HR Rep, and the team that will be welcoming you to your new home. So your specific date of departure needs to be cross-checked with these three groupings and then you will be given the green light to secure your ticket. JV has used a travel agent (Regan Murray) since 2002.  We highly recommend her and you can inquire more if you choose to go this route.  Also, if your ticket is a humanitarian fare (Regan would let you know this), be sure to ask your JV HR Rep to provide you with a letter stating you are traveling on this type of ticket.

      Regan Murray 

      International Travel Specialist

      Mission Mtn Travel 

      PH: 714-898-9831 

      FX: 714-898-9832 


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      Saying Goodbye Well

      Allow yourself time to do this.  Don’t assume you will have time the last couple of weeks...plenty of last-minute details will arise.  One thing to plan ahead for is your send-off from your church.  Be considerate of your church calendar and give them the respect to plan your send-off well.

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      A few things to note from the Preparation for Departure Checklist (below is not an exhaustive list so be sure to check the full list)

      • 3 original birth certificates (and marriage license if applicable) for each family member (verify to see if you need these apostilled)
      • FBI fingerprint/checkup (check with your country) Accurate Biometrics may be used (866) 361.9944
      • Taken care of any medical/dental/vision/vaccination appointments and gathered any applicable school records
      • Open up a bank account/verify credit card usage fees for overseas/consider having an additional signer on your bank account

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