Czech Republic

Malenovice Event Center

Plans are ready for the construction of a 600 person event center that will allow the movement of God among this region to continue to take place… Learn More

“Fusion” Music Outreach - Czech Republic

Reaching youth through rock/gospel choirs and performing arts groups based in local churches. This ministry is already reaching over 160 teens every week in the city where it was pioneered and many have already put their faith in Christ.

Gospel to Schools - Czech Republic

This project will raise support to bring Bibles into schools and to support the Christian Teacher’s Network, which includes the training of teachers through Daniel weekends, how to use Bible and Ethic in schools.

Exit Tour - Czech Republic

Beginning in 2008, God miraculously opened the doors into Czech public high schools. Using an innovative program, EXIT Tour continues to be welcomed in to schools to give lectures, concerts, and workshops introducing young people to Biblical values and faith. In each city and school that the EXIT Team works with, the local youth groups of that area are trained in how to not only share the Gospel and walk with the students the are meeting, but are further trained in how to begin living a lifestyle of evangelism and discipleship.

Utilizing music, media, and personal relationships, the EXIT project is radically changing the spiritual atmosphere of this country. Join us as we reach out to all 750,000 teenagers in the Czech Republic.

JV General Fund

Giving a general gift to Josiah Venture allows us to quickly direct funds to those programs and projects that are most needed.