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The Gospel in Music

Music speaks to the mind, but it reaches the soul.

There are many barriers to the gospel in Central and Eastern Europe. Most people are secular, with little or no knowledge of the Bible and faith in Jesus Christ. Others are religious and understand Christianity as just a collection of ancient traditions performed in old and distant churches.

But when Christmas comes, everyone wants to make the holiday season unique and special. Ten years ago, Terry English, the founder of our JV Fusion music ministry, had a flash of Spirit-powered inspiration as he thought ahead to the holidays. Music seemed to connect teenagers, but could it also take the gospel to their parents?  

He decided to gather a group of adults to prepare a concert of gospel music to offer to his city. Most were non-believers, but they loved the energy of gospel music and the chance to perform for their friends. The event had such a broad impact that it took on the name of the city, and “Ostrava Sings the Gospel” was born.

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Since gospel music is full of references to the Bible and Jesus, it was only natural to spend time at every practice explaining the meaning of the songs. Bibles were handed out for free at the concert, and a clear gospel presentation was shared by Terry and his team. As the enthusiastic choir and band filled the room with energetic music, they also shared the true message of Jesus with both themselves and their non-believing friends.

This year, “Ostrava Sings the Gospel” will mark their 10-year anniversary by performing two concerts in the largest concert hall in the city, to an audience of almost 2000 people. There are close to 200 in the choir and band, and many have come to faith in Christ through the message of the songs and testimonies of the believing members. To put this in perspective, in this city of 280,000 there are less than 1000 people in evangelical churches. Imagine doing an outreach event that reaches more people than are in all the churches in your city! This musical event is so significant that it is featured on Czech national television every year and is even listed as a recommended cultural event by both the city and the region. 

“Ostrava Sings the Gospel” has inspired other JV staff in the capital of Slovakia to begin “Bratislava Sings the Gospel.”  Mark and Amy Chase, along with their local church team, have gathered over 200 into this choir and sold out the main concert hall for two concerts in the largest city in Slovakia. After bonding through music, many of these adults continue on in Discovery Bible studies as they encounter the good news of Jesus.

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In spite of the barriers, JV staff are using every means possible to proclaim the true meaning of Christmas in a region where the message desperately needs to be heard. You are making that possible through your gifts and prayers. This holiday season, as God leads you, consider an extra year end gift toward your missionary to strengthen their work in the year ahead.

Thank you for singing the gospel with us,

President, Josiah Venture



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