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Music that Heals

Dear Friends, 

How do you process the trauma of war?

When young people have to flee from devastated towns and cities, relocate to new countries, and deal with the loss of friendship and stability, the soul has to process a great deal of pain. Among the 5.5 million Ukrainians who have had to flee to surrounding countries, there are many young people. How do we help them deal with their loss?

One of the innovative ministries Josiah Venture has developed in local churches is an outreach called Fusion. Using the natural love of young people for music, Fusion gathers teenagers together in rock/gospel choirs where they learn to sing, play guitar and drums, and perform together with their peers. The majority of these teens are not believers, but every Fusion practice includes a message from God’s Word. Consequently, the young people are introduced to the person of Christ and shepherded towards saving faith in him.

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Now, these Fusion choirs are becoming outreach centers for displaced Ukrainian teenagers.  Since music naturally joins people together, young refugees can quickly build relationships with local teenagers in Fusion and be drawn into a church community. This combination of music, God’s Word, and community is bringing a healing balm to hurting souls.

Ancient music has healing power as well. As our team learns new skills of trauma counseling for displaced people, we are studying the Psalms for insight. Surprisingly, over 1/3 of the Psalms are songs of Lament, and the pattern of lament gives much insight about how to deal with the brokenness and pain of a fallen world. The music of lament gives us permission to give voice to our pain with honest words of complaint, but, then, leads us forward into specific requests, continues on to expressions of confidence in the character of God, and even results in praise. We are finding healing power in the ancient music of lament.

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Youth ministry and youth leader training are continuing in the 16 countries where JV staff serve. At the same time, all of us are carrying the burden of a war that is very close to us and very real. Our team has purchased and transported over 340 tons of food to the front lines of the war, often in vans that go right into the dangerous lines of the conflict. This is over 900,000 meals, accompanied by spiritual food and a clear presentation of the gospel. We have produced over 200,000 pieces of literature that are being distributed along with the aid.  

These acts of compassion and service carry the music of God’s love, a hopeful melody that is being sung in stark contrast to the relentless sounds of destruction and war.

Thank you for helping us bring music that heals.

President, Josiah Venture



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