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An Extended Intern's Day

Usually, Josiah Venture interns only stay for the summer, but some spend an extended time (up to nine months) serving with us in Europe. This gives them a broader look into the lifestyle and ministry of missionaries here. 

Hannah Burrell is one intern who has chosen this opportunity, interning with us for eight months in the Czech Republic. Here's what a normal day looks like for her now that it's fall. 

A Look Into My Internship

Mornings are for studying. Whether it’s studying the Czech language or for a Bible study, this is the best time for that. Today I decide to go to a coffee shop to study.   

Studying the Czech language at a coffee shop provides opportunities for practice and conversations with the baristas. It’s a great way to get to know locals and build relationships.

2017 11 02 Esi In Text 1
2017 11 02 Esi In Text 2

After some studying, I pick up snacks for tonight’s youth group, as well as some other groceries. I’m learning how to shop in smaller batches instead of shopping for the whole week so I can carry everything home.

2017 11 02 Esi In Text 3

I head home to make some lunch and throw some laundry in the washer. 

2017 11 02 Esi In Text 4

Afternoons are for meeting with students or doing whatever has to be done. Today I work on a lesson for next week’s youth group where I will be teaching (for the first time!). I take a break to hang the laundry on the drying rack and get a few things ready for tonight.

2017 11 02 Esi In Text 5
2017 11 02 Esi In Text 6

Soon it’s time to go to church for youth group. Some days I walk there and other days take the tram.

2017 11 02 Esi In Text 7

I meet some others and we set up the room. Tonight is a smaller group as it’s a holiday today, but still great conversations and teaching.

2017 11 02 Esi In Text 8
2017 11 02 Esi In Text 9

After youth group finishes, I have dinner with some of the girls. We talk about life, school, dreams, and whatever else comes to mind. As the night comes to an end, I'm reminded of how grateful I am to be here doing life.

2017 11 02 Esi In Text 10

Please pray for Hannah, as well as our other extended interns, that they would embody Christ's love and produce good fruit as they engage in ministry here in Central and Eastern Europe this fall. Interested in experiencing life here with us  yourself? Check out more info about our extended internships here

by Hannah Burrell (Photos by Jasen Tapia)



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