Summer Intern

As a summer intern you would partner with national church youth groups to lead evangelistic English, sport, and/or music camps for Central and Eastern European young people. You would be responsible for teaching, building relationships with students, following up with those students, and facilitating a variety of training activities related to youth ministry.

You would serve on a team of four to eight interns under the leadership of an experienced JV staff member. Prior to the start of camps, these teams undergo a week of intensive training in Europe. At the end of the summer, they debrief with a time of testimonies and reflection. Interns are required to raise their support as faith missionaries.

Minimum commitment: 11 weeks
Age requirement: Minimum age is 20 years old or you must have finished one year of college.
Early Application (app fee waived) by: December 31
Late Application by: January 31

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Extended Summer Intern

As an extended summer intern, you would serve under the leadership of an experienced JV staff member and minister by discipling new believers and helping local youth ministries. You would also take part in any ongoing field training provided by Josiah Venture to its staff members during your internship period. Generally, these internships take place during the school year.

Often extended interns begin as summer interns and then extend their stay until Christmas. This is an ideal way to gain experience and to confirm your calling and gifts if you are exploring the possibility of serving overseas long term. Extended interns are required to raise their support as faith missionaries.

Maximum commitment: 9 months

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EXIT Tour Intern

As an EXIT Tour intern working with local youth groups and churches throughout Central and Eastern Europe, you would be a part of a team that travels to different cities each semester to host a evangelical outreach program called EXIT Tour. Working with local youth groups and the EXIT Tour team, you would be responsible for helping walk alongside local youth groups as they reach out to teens in their home cities.

EXIT Tour travels to an average of four different cities per tour. We are looking for people who are interested in sharing their faith through personal relationships and we want to invest into the local church. In addition to regular interns, our specific needs are: road techs, musicians, sound/lighting engineers, English game coordinators. Interns are required to raise their support as faith missionaries.

Average commitment time: 7 weeks during the school year.

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Exit Tour Band Member

Exit Tour is an outreach program focused in schools. Exit Tour visits multiple cities in 5 different countries taking bands into local high schools, performing and running lectures on youth oriented subjects such as self esteem, drug and alcohol abuse, sex and relationships, all from a christian perspective. The week long tour ends with a concert outside of school where the band can play, the gospel message can be given, bibles made available and young people attending from the local schools can connect with their local church and youth group.

The tour works in partnership with local churches and the demand for the tour is growing! As a consequence we are now creating new bands specifically for Exit Tour. 

There is an opportunity for gifted musicians / technical support staff to apply to be part of one of these new Exit bands. Applicants should not only be proficient musicians / singers / engineers but should also have a desire to use these gifts to reach young people with the gospel message and be prepared to invest time and energy into disciple making and training others. 

Bands / tech staff will be resident in a specific Eastern European country but will tour across all the countries currently engaged with Exit Tour ( Estonia, Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia ).

During the summer holidays Exit bands will tour various Summer Camps for 6 weeks and be involved with helping throughout the 10 week summer intern season ( May - Aug ).

The position will involve:

  1. Touring - Exit Tour  /  Follow up concerts
  2. Writing original music
  3. Recording 
  4. Leading small groups
  5. Discipling / mentoring young people
  6. Leading worship in a variety of settings
  7. Training others

Commitment:  22 months + 10 week summer internship
Age requirement - 18+

Model Maker

As a model maker, you will work in a local setting as part of a church, living a transparent life with Jesus in front of students and disciple young people in that youth group. You will also participate in joint evangelistic efforts with other teammates.

Minimum commitment: 2 years

Experienced Youth Leader

As an experienced youth leader, your primary responsibility would be to come along side a national youth leader and help him develop his youth ministry. As that happens you will also train and disciple other national youth leaders.

Minimum commitment: 5 years

Country Leader

As a country leader, you will be responsible for entrepreneurial leadership of the ministry, management, program development, discipleship, and training. You would begin by learning the language and establishing contacts with key national leaders, then move on to developing model ministries and training.

Minimum commitment: 10 years

Support Staff

Support personnel serve a country team or the entire Josiah Venture team by caring for the logistical and administrative aspects of the ministry. You may set up training conferences, care for legal and government obligations, help people get settled in new locations, provide secretarial support, work with graphics and design for training materials, or a number of other things.

Minimum commitment: 1 year