Missional Be-Attitudes - Livestream

Conference Schedule

Wednesday, May 3, 7:00pm CET - "Be-Steadfast" -  Stream Video

Thursday, May 4, 8:30am CET - "Be-Secure" -  Stream Video

Thursday, May 4, 11:00am CET - "Be-Greek Like" -  Stream Video

Thursday, May 4, 4:00pm CET - "Fam Gram Live Stream Video

Friday, May 5, 8:30am CET - "Be-Bride Loving Stream Video

Friday, May 5, 11:00am CET - "Be-Clear Seeing Stream Video

Saturday, May 6, 8:30am CET - "Be-Transformed Stream Video

Saturday, May 6, 11:00am CET - "State of the Venture  Stream Video

Sunday, May 7, 8:30am CET - "Be-Spirit Filled"   Stream Video

Sunday, May 7, 11:00am CET - "JVKids Program"

Download the App

First, download the mobile app called "Yapp" for either iPhone or Android.

Second, enter the code "JVSPRING23" into the Yapp app.

Then enjoy viewing the content, documents and links discussed in the livestream.