Yulia & Vladyslav Yablonski

Yulia was born into a non-believing family. She grew up in central Ukraine and moved to Lviv in 2015 for her education. She studied International Information at university. In 2016, she discovered the music ministry, Fusion. She repented through Josiah Venture’s Fusion program and began to grow as a Christian and learned how to serve others. In her local church, Ekklesia, she is serving young people and currently leads the children's ministry.

At the beginning of war in early 2022, God called her to help Josiah Venture (JV) Ukraine on a volunteer basis with humanitarian aid. She later joined the JV Ukraine team full-time as an executive assistant, specifically focusing on the details of program finance, administrative duties, and special projects related to the war.

She has been married for almost 5 years. Her husband Vladyslav was active in youth, sports, and worship ministries. But when the full-scale invasion of Ukraine began in February 2022, he volunteered to join the army. He has been serving for almost 2 years now, and God continues to protect him.

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