Anđelko & Kristina Trninić

Anđelko accepted Christ after witnessing God set his brother free from heroin addiction. Anđelko lives with his wife Kristina in Novi Sad, the second biggest city in Serbia. In 2015 he started serving as a youth leader in his local church. The first time he came in touch with Josiah Venture (JV) was through JV’s English Camp ministry. He shared a similar passion for evangelism and youth discipleship. Inspired by JV’s vision and training, he began to invest in a group of young potential leaders. Anđelko is a warm, intuitive and creative leader. He is elated when he sees people changed through the Gospel. His role on the Serbian team is to discover creative and relevant ways to evangelize, disciple, and train the next generation. Anđelko serves as the assistant pastor in his local church. His focus there is art ministry, youth ministry, and outreach strategy.

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