Andrejs & Agnese Goloborodko

Olivers and Rēzija

In 2009, Andrejs and Agnese met each other and both came to know Christ through their local church. They served as leaders on the youth ministry team for three years, where their love for students continued to grow. They were introduced to Josiah Venture (JV) when their church agreed to host a Fusion camp. Seeing so many young lives changed during this camp, Andrejs decided to quit his job and begin studies at the Baltic Pastoral Institute to become equipped to serve in ministry full-time. After discipling two of his youth group members to mature believers, leading their wedding ceremony, and passing the leadership of the same ministry to them, Andrejs and Agnese moved to the nearest town called Priekule where the local church didn't have a youth ministry. Currently Andrejs is leading a youth ministry and Edge Fitness there.

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