Hana Martináková

In 2000, Hanka along with three other people, participated in founding an association called "On the Road," which focused on Christian youth work. She worked for 8 years as a social worker and did lectures at schools. Back then, she started to have this huge desire to change the atmosphere in Czech schools and influence what students heard and got into their hearts.

In 2012, she accepted an offer to work on a project called "Ethics Textbook" as a manager of key activities for creating a textbook for the School of Ethics aimed at students from 1st to 9th grade. That same year, her life got connected with Křesťanská Akademie Mladých (KAM), Josiah Venture’s partner organization in the Czech Republic. She is now very involved in a few key KAM projects and her roles are the following: as deputy headmaster in School of Ethics, as coordinator of Christian Educators Network, and is responsible for communications in the Gospel to School ministry.


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