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Devotional Workouts Against Fear When switching to an online-only platform you’ll find a lot of your time is spent sitting down. This has an impact on your health and well-being in the long run so it’s... View Resource Games to Play with Children or Young People Over Zoom During this time of COVID-19, it can be hard to find things that bring people together over Zoom. Here is a list of games that we have used with Josiah Venture Kids during... View Resource Just Hang Out Quarantine and restriction takes one key thing away from teens’ lives: hanging out. Whether it is going out for a meal, to the mall or just hanging out at someone’s house... View Resource Fusion Music Ministry Here are some creative ideas for engaging students in Fusion music ministry while maintaining social distance. These tips can also be applied to your youth group meetings... View Resource Online Activities for Youth Groups Games are a central part of the standard youth group experience. If you’ve shifted to an online setting, keeping the fun factor can be difficult when everyone is staring... View Resource Dealing with Stress and Worry A Resource from Our Missionary Team in Ukraine: Attached is a presentation that our team in Lviv, Ukraine is using for helping students in youth groups approach stress and... View Resource Set Up Daily Challenges for Your Youth Group Here are some ways to set up challenges for your youth group to engage them in ministry at a distance. One of our missionaries in Slovenia, Gwynne Gardner,... View Resource Six Challenges That Are Encouraging Youth Workers in Slovakia News is coming in waves, and the changes in laws and regulations seem to keep hitting us over and over again. Before the first waves of laws even hit in Slovakia, Denisa Harčarová... View Resource Keeping a Sports Team Active During Quarantine Inspiration from Edge Sports Coach, Sunny in Bulgaria Sunny Petkov has been the Edge Sports national coordinator in Bulgaria for only six months. Before COVID-19 hit, Sunny... View Resource