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On the Front Lines

The war in Ukraine is far from over.

On the JV Ukraine team, three of our families are IDPs (internally displaced people) from the war zone. They had to restart their lives from the ground up in central or western Ukraine, after their cities were occupied by the enemy in 2014. These precious servants have poured out their hearts and lives in ministry to others fleeing the conflict, and they have already provided aid and spiritual resources to thousands of refugees.

Yet, many others still remain in cities very close to the front line and face the daily challenge of aggression and danger right on their doorsteps. They are constant targets because of the Ukrainian military presence that has been deployed to their cities.

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Our JV Ukraine team regularly travels into this region, driving over 600 miles one-way to support the few churches that still remain. It is a particular privilege to assist pastors like Yevhen and Igor, who are courageously leading churches and youth groups for Ukrainians choosing not to move out of cities located 12-30 miles from the front lines.  

Already this winter, JV Ukraine had the privilege of assisting three youth ministries from particularly dangerous areas in the Donetsk region. Two of the youth groups took spiritual renewal trips to the snow-covered mountains of western Ukraine where they focused on evangelism and spiritual growth. The third group stayed in their city but led Christmas outreaches to 500 children and teens.

Right now, JV Ukraine is preparing strategic summer camps for these youth groups close to the front lines. We are mobilizing short-term teams from Czech, Slovakia, and Poland to serve in these needy and dangerous places. Our team is also partnering with a church planting organization to help start new churches in some of the most hard-hit regions.

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When we ask the pastors what they need, they request prayer for: 1) daily physical safety, 2) stamina and spiritual endurance, 3) for the Lord to send more harvest workers in spite of the conditions, and 4) funding to run ministries in these highly-targeted eastern-Ukrainian cities.

Would you join us in prayer for these spiritual soldiers on the front line, and for our Josiah Venture staff who are so sacrificially serving them? If you want to make a contribution in the New Year to support these efforts you can do so at the following link: www.josiahventure/helpukraine

The spiritual war in Ukraine is also far from over. Thanks for your gifts and prayers that make it possible for us to bring the hope of Jesus to the front lines.

President, Josiah Venture



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