Be Prepared | Short-Term Team

3 Preparation Tips

What you can be doing from January to May?

Recruitment Resources

Visit here to order resources to recruit.

Mission Trip Introductions

Know of a new church who should partner with JV? Send them to the JV Mission Trips Page

DMI (Disciple-Making Intensive)

Do you know of a youth pastor trying to decide to bring a Mission Trip team or someone you think would be a fantastic long term teammate? Get them to come to DMI (disciple Making Intensive) to get some great training and see first hand who JV is and what they can expect.

Contact USA: Kelly Hargan ( or CA: Gord Nickerson ( for more details.

Short-Term Team Staff Email

Email your supporters to invite their churches to learn more about our Mission Opportunities - Template.

Mission Trip Videos

Videos to recruit short-term teams.