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A Home for the Movement

Dear Friends,

Every movement needs a home.

The Josiah Venture team serves faithfully across 13 countries, telling the message of Jesus to young people who have never heard. In the last 12 months they shared the gospel face to face with almost 40,000 young people, and many responded by putting their faith in Christ!

One of the keys to keeping our team healthy and well equipped is a training center called Malenovice in the Czech Republic. Located in the mountains next to a 4,300 foot peak, this amazing facility has served our team for 18 years now. On a prime 17-acre property, our hotel, lodge, and four large cabins house thousands of nights of transformational training events each year, for leaders across the region.

But the movement is growing, and we are seriously out of space. Our largest meeting room holds just 150 people. We purchased a tent for 300, but it is already full, and can only be used when the weather is optimal.

Now, after 5 years of planning and preparation, we are ready to break ground on a new event center to expand our capacity at Malenovice. This innovative facility will have a meeting room for 500, feed the same amount, provide three large seminar rooms, and add an additional 40 beds to our housing capacity.  

The total cost for this center is significant – 5.5 million dollars. But the value of the lives that will be changed because of this facility is immeasurable. Through a handful of key partners and supporting churches, God has provided 3 million dollars so far. But we are hoping to break ground in early spring, and still have 2.5 million to go.

As a faithful supporter of Josiah Venture, we want to give you an opportunity to give to this key project. In addition to your support for your missionary, would you consider a year-end gift that would allow us to expand our impact and increase our ability to train young leaders by three times?

In order to support your involvement, a foundation has pledged to match every gift given between now and the end of the year – up to $250,000. Every gift matters, and your step of faith will be doubled by this match. Just note “Event Center” with your gift or give online here.

Would you think and pray about this opportunity? God is moving in a special way in Central and Eastern Europe – help us give that movement a home.

Thankful for you,

President, Josiah Venture



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