Garrett & Brittney Haas

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Garrett and Brittney were first introduced to Josiah Venture (JV) through their church in Fort Collins, Colorado in the 1990s. Garrett was 11 and Brittney was 9 when they first met, but it wasn’t until 10 years of marriage and two kids later that God reminded them of that connection. From early on in their lives, both of them felt a pull on their hearts toward the people of Central and Eastern Europe; however, it felt like a distant future or “empty nesting” dream. But when they had an unexpected visit from some long-time friends serving with JV Slovakia, all those “future” dreams were hurled to the forefront of their hearts. It was over the next several months that God confirmed this is where he wanted them to be NOW, not later-on down the road. Garrett and Brittney are currently living in Muncie, Indiana, though they have strong support connections in their former hometowns of both Fort Collins, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona. They are both actively involved in worship and core group leadership in their church’s youth ministry, and they hope to be on the ground, serving in Europe by Fall 2022.

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