Rycho & Noemi Bednarz

Simeon, Sara, Miriam, Rebeka

Ryszard was born in 1984 into a Christian family and became a believer himself when he was 13 years old. After he finished mechanical high school, Ryszard worked in the steel industry. Later, he ran social services for youth in Karvina. Ryszard began serving with Josiah Venture when he became involved in leading a youth group in Cesky Tesin in the northeastern part of Czech. This fueled his passion for the young generation of his country. Ryszard then married his wife, Noemi. Now, he and his wife lead a Fusion choir, and Ryszard works for KAM, Josiah Venture’s partner organization in Czech, as the coordinator for Fusion. Ryszard and Noemi, along with their four children, Simeon, Sarah, Miriam, and Rebeka, live in Ropice, and they are members of the local church in Český Těšín.

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