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Casey and Kristin were first connected to Josiah Venture in 2003 when they joined the Romanian Intern team and taught/lead English camps that summer. For the following three summers, they lead short-term camp teams to Romania from their home church (North Coast church in Vista, California). During those 4 years of exposure to ministry with students, Casey and Kristin felt a growing desire to share the Gospel of Jesus in their own context in the States (while never losing the desire to once again return to the mission field in some capacity).

For the period of time in the States, Casey finished his degree in Organizational Leadership from Biola University and completed a Masters degree in Global Urban Ministry from Bakke Graduate University. Kristin also finished her degree in Biology with a minor in Spanish. Amidst a rigorous academic schedule, Casey and Kristin were also heavily involved in the small group and college ministries at their church – where Casey was later hired on as the first Community Service Pastor at North Coast church.

In 2010, they felt the call to move to the Czech Republic with JV to work on the International Team. This position had Casey running the camp ministry as well as leading the S-team (Fusion, Edge Sports, Exit Tour, and Camps). After leading the S-team for 5 years, Casey felt God leading him to direct his efforts entirely on Edge Sports. This specific focus has allowed him to bring strength to the ministry, and ultimately lead to an even greater impact for the gospel of Jesus Christ in Central and Eastern Europe.

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