Anna Janoušková

Anna first encountered Josiah Venture in 2007 when she attended her first English camp as a teenager wrestling with her faith. Because of this experience, her view of God was significantly impacted, and her faith deepened. Anna later became a JV summer intern for three summers and served at more than 18 camps.

While Anna studied anthropology in university, and felt drawn toward an academic career, she continued to feel a strong pull on her heart for youth ministry. These two passions for education and youth ministry came together when she joined JV as an administrator, coach and tutor in 2016.

In 2019 she joined the team of ForMission College for their Czech campus as a Theological Educational Specialist. Being able to invest in young leaders as a missionary brings her inexplicable joy and a deep sense of purpose. She is based in Southern Bohemia, where she also serves locally through Fusion and girl's ministry.

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