Daniela Heczkova

Daniela was first introduced to JV as a kid through her church in Havirov-Sucha. From 2007 to 2010, she served at English camps as a part of the local youth group's leadership team. Then Daniela moved to Scotland, where she got a degree in Behavioural Studies and Philosophy. After university, she moved back to the Czech Republic, not planning to stay for very long. However, God was very clear in arranging for her to stay longer and start working with JV. After being a personal assistant to a JV leader, she was moved onto the executive admin team. Currently, she is planning the Amazing Race for intern training 2017, among other things. She attends a new church Trojka in Ostrava and is passionate about people getting to know God on a personal level and learning about His love and character. She deeply cares about people not missing out on a life with Him. She hopes she can convey some of God's character and creativity through her work and relationships.


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