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Ideas for Summer Ministry with Ukrainians

1. Carnival Day

This is a one-day event you can host in cooperation with a church and city hall, a local school, or a refugee center, to meet the Ukrainian community in your area.
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2. Three-Day Amazing Race Competition

This is a small-group competition in the form of evangelistic outreach that lasts three days completing tasks around your city.
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3. Three-Day Sports Festival/Clinic

Three-day sports clinics are 3-hour morning practices with afternoons filled with small group activities to help churches build relationships with Ukrainians in their community.
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4. Three-Day Tourist Bus/Van Trips

This is a 3-day tourist integration program for Ukrainians to participate with the local youth group in three days of visiting tourist/cultural/fun locations in your region, selected to help Ukrainian youth adapt to their new surroundings.
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5. Camp: Day Camps for 10-13 year-olds

This is a fun summer evangelistic day camp for younger Ukrainian teenagers and kids from the local church specifically between the ages of 10 and 13.
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6. Camp: Invite Ukrainians Into What You Are Already Doing

Your local church is already doing youth ministry this summer. Why not invite a handful of Ukrainian youth into those programs?
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7. Hiking/Camping Trip

A hiking or camping trip offers a great way to get to know a smaller group of people while also experiencing God, nature, and teamwork.
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8. Ukrainian Camps for the Ukrainian Diaspora

These camps equip Ukrainian churches and Ukrainian communities to host summer evangelistic camps where 90-100% of the camp's nationality is Ukrainian.
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