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Fusion Music Ministry

Here are some creative ideas for engaging students in Fusion music ministry while maintaining social distance. These tips can also be applied to your youth group meetings as well. To learn more about Josiah Venture's Fusion ministry you can click here.

Fusion Creativity Challenges via Facebook

Have students from all the Fusions in-country share what they are doing and challenge others, creatively, during the quarantine at home. In Poland, they have a Facebook group called Fusion Family where everyone can share. They’ve had hundreds of posts about their ideas ranging from drawing to dancing to playing instruments and building Legos.

Online Fusion Rehearsals

If you have a Fusion choir and are unsure of how to structure your time, below you can find an example of current online rehearsals. The most important thing is to create a space where the group can have a similar structure to a Fusion rehearsal, but mostly focus on being all together. The best programs to use, based on our other Fusion choirs, have been Zoom or FB Messenger.

Rehearsal Plan Idea

  • Moderator Welcome
  • Questions at the beginning
    • Everyone muted, the moderator calls on them according to a list, or alphabetically.
  • Just Dance
    • Send the YouTube link to the group. Make sure everyone is muted. Start at the same time. It won’t be perfect, but that’s ok.
  • Game
    • Idea 1: Group games on Messenger – create game groups and play for 5-7 minutes.
    • Idea 2: Home game – use items everyone has at home. For example:  throwing socks into a bucket or drawing a picture, while keeping track of points.
    • Idea 3: Use a Mentimeter to ask questions of the group.
  • "Choir"
    • Idea 1: While everyone is muted, record a 10-second video, then send it via Messenger to one person who is gathering the videos to create a collage to be shared later.
    • Idea 2: Teach part of a song (difficult to hear each other, but possible).
  • Devo/Fusion Talk
    • Everyone muted, one-person shares.
  • Food
    • Everyone takes a picture of a creative snack, send it via Messenger or post it in the FB group. They can think about it in advance.
  • Optional Theme: pajamas, fancy dress, costume, clothes on backwards, etc.

      To Do in Advance

      • Instruct your students how to download your video program.
      • Inform your students that everyone needs to plan their snack/costume.
      • Think through groups for the game, Just Dance song, etc.
      • Nominate a moderator
      • Nominate a ech person to run the program
      • Prepare Fusion or youth group talk



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