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Download a Powerful Tool for Evangelism: The “Look” Study

A Short Four-Part Study on the Four Spiritual Principles of the Gospel:

Do you know someone interested in talking more about the Bible, but not sure about making a commitment to Christ yet? To help bridge this gap we created Look. This quick study is the perfect tool to help you or your young leaders enter into intentional gospel-centered conversations with nonbelievers.

Look Intext

Download/Print for Free

This study includes two PDFs that you can download and print (below). One is the instructions and the other is the study itself. When you print the pages of the study make sure to print the pages on "both sides/front and back" and then fold each of the four sheets in half.

file_download   Look Study Instructions   (Filetype – PDF / Filesize – 299.19 KiB)
file_download   Look Study   (Filetype – PDF / Filesize – 738.30 KiB)



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