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Lead and Grow Your Church Online

Across central and eastern Europe churches are restricted from gathering together due to quarantine and social distancing measures. This has created a need to shift regular gatherings to an online setting. Below is a collection of resources that can equip your church in this new context.

Open Network

From Life.Church, Open Network wants to equip you and your church as you navigate through this current crisis. They’ve compiled a list of resources: sermons, kids' curriculum, worship, Church Online, and more, that will be helpful for your churches during this time.

7 Tips for Preaching Online

Whether it be a pre-recorded video, live-stream teaching, or a bible study online, if you are new to preaching to a camera, here are 7 quick suggestions from Peter Mead. Also, on his website you’ll find more resources for pastors and teachers on how to reach and connect with your church during this time.



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