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Unexpected Endings

Dear Friends, 

Sometimes conversations have unexpected endings.

Although Poland is very religious, and most Poles consider themselves Catholic, the evangelical church is quite small—only 0.2% of the population. JV missionary Dan Hash recently taught at a large outreach festival in southern Poland and spent one afternoon coaching a couple who have just planted an evangelical church.

Donor Letter August 2019 In Text1

Michal trains divers for the Polish navy, but he and his wife Malina, along with their closest friends, started a new fellowship a year and a half ago in the port city of Gdansk where he works. Marked by the teaching of God’s Word and a clear call to respond to the gospel, this new church has exploded and now numbers 150. Almost every week someone puts their faith in Christ. Soon they will move into a room that seats 400, which is huge in the Polish context.

Dan asked Michal how they had developed such a clear vision for evangelism and disciple making in their church. “Our best friends graduated from your intensive program for disciple making 15 years ago. That DNA has been in them ever since and is what led us to be part of starting this church.”

Curious to find out more, Dan asked, “So how did each of you come to faith in Christ?”

Malina responded quickly, “At an evangelistic camp at Malenovice [JV’s training facility] 20 years ago.”  

“So who shared the gospel with you?” Dan continued.

Malina paused and gave an inquisitive look. “You’re kidding aren’t you? You were the one who shared the gospel and prayed with me. You led me to faith in Christ. I’ve been following Jesus ever since.”

Seeing the surprised look on Dan’s face, she put her hand on his arm and looked him directly in the eye. “Dan, if you ever wonder if it is worth it, look at me, it is worth it.”

Donor Letter August 2019 In Text2

Over 4,000 lost young people in 14 countries of Central and Eastern Europe heard the transforming gospel message this summer at JV camps and outreach events. Many hundreds put their faith in Christ. Just imagine how God will use them to reach their cities and countries in the years ahead.

Thank you for your partnership in this movement of God. It is worth it.

President, Josiah Venture



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