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Summer Potential - Why You Should Be An Intern

The Impact on Students

With the help of 134 interns (92 North Americans and 42 Europeans), over 100 evangelistic Josiah Venture camps took place this summer across 13 different countries in Central and Eastern Europe. At these English, music, and sports camps more than 4,000 young nationals heard the message of the gospel, many for the very first time. Over 500 of them put their faith in Jesus, countless more taking steps closer to Christ.

Ana, Tomáš, Kasia, Michał; one week at camp has the potential to change these students’ lives forever.

In order to see lives changed here in this region, JV counts on our summer interns --young leaders who are devoted followers of God, bold in their faith and passionate about sharing the love of Christ with others.

When asked why interns are important, Dawid Werner, Poland’s English camp coordinator, explains, “In the past, I saw many students coming to camps for the first time because of promoting done by interns in public schools. Many of them gave their lives to God at those camps. I also saw many short-term teams encouraged by help they received from interns. I saw many Polish leaders equipped and empowered by interns during camps. So, if you ask me about the impact interns make, I would say, it is huge and great.”

As Ruthanne VandenBosch, JV intern coordinator expresses, “Interns increase our capacity to reach more young people with the gospel each summer. With hundreds of churches offering evangelical camps during the summer, we just need more workers! Interns help us fill in the gaps, and bring all sorts of energy and enthusiasm to the process.”

The Impact on You

We believe that through committing to a summer of serving with JV your life will also change. For close to three months, an internship is your opportunity to step into what God is doing here, as we pray for a movement of God among the youth of this part of the world. Dawid says that if you take it, “This step will make you more like Jesus. It will shape you and it will draw you closer to Him.”

Ruthanne agrees. “You will experience a new culture, dynamic community, deep levels of discipleship and partnerships with local churches… I love that we offer a summer-sized window for students to see what a lifetime of serving God cross-culturally looks like. As I walk someone through the process of becoming a Josiah Venture intern, I often wonder what incredible path God has in mind for them --how many lives will be eternally changed because of the obedience of these young people who are giving up a summer at home to serve God.”

Don’t take our word for it though. As Elle Olszewski, JV summer intern in Slovenia in 2014 and 2016 says, “Interning is stepping onto the battlefield in Central and Eastern Europe. It is diving into the unknown. And it is sacrifice. But it is a front-row seat to the incredible movement of the Lord in this part of the world. It is witnessing the hope of the gospel radically change lives. And it is the greatest adventure to embark on for your summer.”

Ana, Tomáš, Kasia, Michał; one week at camp has the potential to change these students’ lives forever. Anna, Thomas, Katie, Michael;  just one summer might also transform yours.

Interested in interning with us for summer 2017? Click here for videos and more info on how to apply.

Also, we are currently in the middle of our recruitment tour in North America. Please pray with us that God would provide 200 interns this coming summer, and come see us if you're around one of the following campuses.

Recruitment Tour Schedule:

  • Chicago, IL - Moody Bible Institute - Oct. 19-21
  • Caronport, SK Canada - Briercrest Bible College - Oct. 24-28
  • Azusa, CA - Azusa Pacific University - Oct. 26-27
  • Wheaton, IL - Wheaton College - Oct. 27-28
  • Milligan College, TN - Milligan College - Oct. 27-28
  • Lynchburg, VA - Liberty University - Oct. 28
  • Anderson, SC - Anderson University - Oct. 31
  • Columbia, SC - Columbia International University - Nov. 1
  • Dayton, TN - Bryan College - Nov. 1
  • Lookout Mountain, GA - Covenant College - Nov. 2
  • Searcy, AR - Harding University - Nov. 2
  • Waco, TX - Baylor University - Nov. 3
  • La Mirada, CA - Biola University - Nov. 4



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