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Our Why

Take it from someone who conducts a lot of interviews: asking the right questions is important.

Some of the most significant questions we can ask in life start with the word “why.” Why questions help us understand the motive behind an action; the driving force of any compelling story. They make room for reasons and inspire us to commit to our beliefs. Asking why can allow us to see the needs in the world and find our purpose within it. Why is the foundation we build our lives on.

At Josiah Venture, as we seek to follow Christ’s commission to make disciples, we often get asked about our specific whys. Here are some of those common questions and the answers that keep our team propelling forward in ministry.

Why the name Josiah Venture?

In the Bible, Josiah was only eight years old when he became king of Judah. During a time when most people around him had turned from God and were worshipping idols instead, he chose to leave a different legacy. As young as in his teenage years, Josiah did right in the eyes of the Lord—following the law, rebuilding the temple, and leading his nation to repentance and reformation. He was willing to take risks for God, venturing to say and do what his father and grandfather did not.  

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Why missions in Central and Eastern Europe?

At one point, countries in this region were godly nations sending missionaries all over the world and spreading revival that has impacted the church for generations since. Today, however, Central and Eastern Europe is a lot like Judah was back in Josiah’s day. While as much as 80 percent of the population here used to believe in God, the statistics are staggeringly lower now; as low as one percent. History took its toll, but since the fall of communism, people have the freedom once again to openly live the lives they want and explore spiritual matters. Josiah Venture does missions here in Europe because we know that God wants to bring his people back to himself, breaking down idols and restoring his church.

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Why focus on young people?

As we seek revival here, we recognize that young people have the potential to play a pivotal role in transforming society. God used Josiah to change the hearts of many, and we believe he can do the same using the next generation in this part of the world. With their energy, passion, and openness, young people are poised to fuel the movement and mission of God when they accept his love and good news. We are excited to work with young leaders because they are eager to learn and have years to devote themselves to making disciples who make disciples. The impact they might make can truly change the world.

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Why work with the local church?

We know a movement of God has to be rooted in the church. Just as King Josiah worked to see the temple thriving, we delight in witnessing the local church flourish. The church is the bride of Christ, his body, and we value it as such. This being the case, Josiah Venture is a team devoted to actively building up local congregations, providing programs, conferences, and training materials designed especially for them and their needs. All the ministry we do happens in and through the local church community.

Why do what you do?

While we serve in full-time ministry with Josiah Venture, our why is at the forefront of our minds, written on our hearts, and taught to our children. When put simply, our why is that in a garden mankind messed things up by disobeying God, but in a miraculous turn of events he sent his perfect son, Jesus, to take our punishment by dying on a cross. He rose again and has given us the chance to accept his grace. We love him are honored to be invited into his kingdom work. His command is to go and make disciples of all nations. We’ve been invited to do this here among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe, spreading the incredible news that we can have a lasting relationship with the God of the Universe. So, why do we do what we do? Because just as Josiah did back in Scripture, we long to see God’s people repent and reform—leaving a different legacy for future generations.

What why are you building your life on? Can you get behind ours? If so, check out our online Prayer Room where you can pray for current ministry requests, or browse our People and Places pages above to find out more about the JV team and how you can support us.



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