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Life-Changing Work

Thanks for praying – let me tell you how God is answering.

In February I asked you to join us in prayer for training conferences the JV team would lead for young leaders during the months of February and March. All together, over 1500 leaders were trained in seven countries through these events. What was the result?

In Bulgaria several local churches started sports ministries for non-Christians after our Edge Sports training. In Slovakia 750 youth leaders spent four days studying principles of God’s “Upside Down Kingdom” from the Sermon on the Mount, and went back to their local churches with the goal to see His kingdom come in their local settings.

In Poland a hundred youth leaders started an intensive study of the life of Christ and how to make disciples like he did. They will continue in small groups, learning from each other as they study the Word and ministry together.

In Latvia another hundred leaders were equipped to lead people to faith in Christ, using Jesus himself as the example. Jesus’ conversations with John’s disciples, with Nicodemus, and with the Samaritan woman taught them how to effectively reach their friends today.

One of the participants, Anna, wrote me two days later with this news about a conversation with her brother:

….I sat next to him and shared again about what I believe and how God has changed me. In short I told him I’d rather sacrifice our relationship than see him go to hell and do nothing about it. And asked if I can pray for God to show Himself to Jonatans. He agreed and I got to pray with him. Dace drove us back home and my husband Ingus was sitting in the back of the car with one of his best friends – Toms. Ingus talked to him the way home and prayed. And right before we got home TOMSHAD PRAYED AND ACCEPTED CHRIST! This brings tears to my eyes again as I write this.

I wanted to share this to emphasize HOW important it is to have such encouraging conferences.

The gospel is spreading. Thank you for your partnership in this life-changing work.

Dave Patty
President, Josiah Venture

President, Josiah Venture



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